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Gotta love summer music, amiright? I am really loving this band’s carefree and fun-loving sound right now. I am listening to all of the music on their Facebook page as I’m writing this post (go listen to all their stuff, seriously, it’s golden), and it is becoming increasingly difficult to not just…drop everything to go on a random adventure. I refuse to believe I’m the only one who can feel this kind of music telling me to grab a bunch of my friends and see what sort of trouble we can get into.

Picture from band website

The premise of the “All Night” video also just gives me the impression that the guys in this band would be pretty fun dudes to hang with. I mean, we are introduced to each of them in the midst of their own shenanigans, which they abandon in order to follow a person dressed as a panda who is just running to who knows where. But oh, what’s this? They’ve chased him to the roof of a building where all of their instruments are waiting for them? Obviously, the only thing to do is jam alongside a random panda man.

Right now, “All Night” seems to be the only video they’ve made, but I’d say definitely keep up with these guys, because their website blog says they’ve been shooting some new ones recently. Also, I know you guys love free downloads, so click HERE to pick up “All Night” =)