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We’re gonna take it down a notch from the fun and silly summer music to make way for this man’s beautiful tunes. Stephen Gordon’s folksy indie music is the perfect accompaniment for quieter summer merriment (internal rhyyyyme).

Turns out I was right to think of Josh Ritter immediately when hearing this music, since he is one of Gordon’s inspirations. I have a soft spot for songs that consist entirely of finger picking on the guitar; there’s just something really calming and beautiful about nothing but words flowing overtop of simple tones from a guitar.

I also really respect the fact that Stephen Gordon has remained an independent musician, making a conscious decision to not sign to a record label. He gets to make music the way he wants to, and while that might make it a little more difficult to get his name out there, I’d say the payoff is worth it. His music stays personal, and he has a very loyal fanbase that apparently fully funded his So Young Now album through a Kickstarter campaign.

Also, fun fact…according to his website, young Stephen originally planned to become a professional basketball player. Oh how glad I am that he changed his mind!

You can listen to all of his music on his website, and Like him on Facebook =)