The Plaid Barn – Fuji Instax 7 Giveaway!


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So I’ve posted about The Plaid Barn before because it’s a really freaking awesome website…and today, they are even more awesome, because they are having a giveaway! The prize is a Fuji Instax 7 + 5 twin packs of film…this is a great giveaway, guys. If you’re in any way interested in photography, especially getting a vintage look with a technologically modern camera, I’d say it’s worth it to try and win this one.

Not gonna lie, this post is partly selfish since I get extra entrees for sharing the giveaway with you, but hey, I’m also really happy to keep spreading the word about The Plaid Barn because I really think it’s an awesome site for crafters. So, check it out!


Tuesday Tunes – Count


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If there’s any Redditors amongst my readers, you guys may have already heard of this band and/or seen the above video. The sweetness of what they did for this old man and their unique covering of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” was definitely enough to make me take a closer look at Count.

Gabbi McPhee’s acoustic, indie music is right up my alley. It’s a shame that she only has 4 demos up on her website, because I am just dying to hear more!

From Count FB page, credit Jessie Willner

Despite fear of sounding like a huge creeper, I will say that I checked out some other people’s posts on the band Facebook page, and McPhee’s response to one of them promised more recordings in the very near future. So we have a lot to look forward to =)

I really suggest listening to her song Come Back Home (I’m listening to it right now, as I’m writing this, actually) on her website. It stands alone as a really simplistically beautiful piece of music, but it becomes even more impressive when you read her bio, which explains that she wrote this song when she was only 14. She clearly has a natural talent, and the way she pours her soul out into her music has me hooked. McPhee also seems genuinely grateful for her fans, as you can tell by her personalized responses to each post she received on her FB page after her Reddit popularity. Gotta love a humble musician =)

Check her out on Facebook and on her band website…especially since she should be releasing more music soon!


Tuesday Tunes – Stephen Gordon


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We’re gonna take it down a notch from the fun and silly summer music to make way for this man’s beautiful tunes. Stephen Gordon’s folksy indie music is the perfect accompaniment for quieter summer merriment (internal rhyyyyme).

Turns out I was right to think of Josh Ritter immediately when hearing this music, since he is one of Gordon’s inspirations. I have a soft spot for songs that consist entirely of finger picking on the guitar; there’s just something really calming and beautiful about nothing but words flowing overtop of simple tones from a guitar.

I also really respect the fact that Stephen Gordon has remained an independent musician, making a conscious decision to not sign to a record label. He gets to make music the way he wants to, and while that might make it a little more difficult to get his name out there, I’d say the payoff is worth it. His music stays personal, and he has a very loyal fanbase that apparently fully funded his So Young Now album through a Kickstarter campaign.

Also, fun fact…according to his website, young Stephen originally planned to become a professional basketball player. Oh how glad I am that he changed his mind!

You can listen to all of his music on his website, and Like him on Facebook =)

Tuesday Tunes – Y LUV (free download!)


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Gotta love summer music, amiright? I am really loving this band’s carefree and fun-loving sound right now. I am listening to all of the music on their Facebook page as I’m writing this post (go listen to all their stuff, seriously, it’s golden), and it is becoming increasingly difficult to not just…drop everything to go on a random adventure. I refuse to believe I’m the only one who can feel this kind of music telling me to grab a bunch of my friends and see what sort of trouble we can get into.

Picture from band website

The premise of the “All Night” video also just gives me the impression that the guys in this band would be pretty fun dudes to hang with. I mean, we are introduced to each of them in the midst of their own shenanigans, which they abandon in order to follow a person dressed as a panda who is just running to who knows where. But oh, what’s this? They’ve chased him to the roof of a building where all of their instruments are waiting for them? Obviously, the only thing to do is jam alongside a random panda man.

Right now, “All Night” seems to be the only video they’ve made, but I’d say definitely keep up with these guys, because their website blog says they’ve been shooting some new ones recently. Also, I know you guys love free downloads, so click HERE to pick up “All Night” =)


Artsy Fartsy Friday – The Plaid Barn


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I’ve been meaning to share this website with my craft-loving friends for a while now and I just never got around to it.

The Plaid Barn - Daily deals on craft supplies, diy kits and more

The Plaid Barn offers great deals on craft materials every weekday. Basically, if you sign up with your email address, you will receive daily announcements of greatly discounted craft products. This is the perfect way to stock your DIY materials while also saving money! There is only a limited number of each product sold every day, so I definitely suggest signing up for email notifications or Liking their page on Facebook.

Here are just a few of the craft items they have sold in the past…(you can see more on their website here)

Mini Matchbook Brag Books

Mini Chalkboard Clips

Assorted Buttons

On top of having great deals, this website is also run by a really sweet woman who just had a baby. This is her job, and her emails and blog post really make it seem like she wants to provide the best service she possibly can, which is always a plus. She only started this endeavor in February of this year, so it makes me feel especially good to send some more business her way =)

One caveat: if you’re only going to purchase one set, the deals may only save you a couple of cents once shipping and handling is included. I would suggest taking advantage of the deals while they are available and buying a couple of sets to make the whole thing really worth while, since I’m pretty sure you pay the same shipping price even if you’re buying more sets.

Hope you guys enjoy these deals as much as I do!


Fresh Look, Fresh Start

Hey readers ^_^

I decided to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress! This really doesn’t change much for you all, but it does mean a new (better) layout that I actually understand how to customize! I also feel like a little change can’t hurt as motivation to keep up with this thing. Also also, my real life feels like a little bit of a whirlwind of change right now, and so why not reflect that here!

I’m gonna go ahead and leave my other blog active, just so that I don’t lose all of what I’ve written over there. I considered moving each post over to this site, but, honestly, I’m too lazy. So, if you ever feel like reading any of those old posts, here’s the link:

Here’s to new beginnings!